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Front Page - Friday, May 10, 2019

New fire station opens in Highland Park

The Chattanooga Fire Department has opened a new fire station in Highland Park.

Chattanooga Fire Station No. 5 is located on property adjacent to the former Station No. 5 on South Willow Street. It houses the department’s new, larger fire apparatus.

Chattanooga Fire Chief Phil Hyman said the one-story, 8,000-square-foot structure will house up to 10 firefighters per shift assigned to two fire apparatus: Engine 5 and Ladder 5.

“We worked with the Highland Park community to keep two apparatus at this station,” Hyman says.

 The fire department also worked with the Maclellan Foundation, which is planning to repurpose the old station into a community center for La Paz.

Justin Holland, administrator of the Chattanooga Department of Public Works, says Fire Station No. 5 is also home to three examples of green infrastructure. “It makes sense that these firefighters who work hard to protect their communities would have a facility that protects Chattanooga’s waterways, wildlife and people,” he says.

Firefighters have been working out of the station for several months while construction around it was completed earlier this month.

The new station cost approximately $1.6 million and was designed by Franklin Architects to match the surrounding residential aesthetic. Constructed Consultants built the station.

Source: Chattanooga Fire Department